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At The Precast Forte Group, our strength is precast. Whether you are looking to establish a network of licensees, or invest in a licensing opportunity yourself, if it involves precast, we have the engineering and execution expertise to help you succeed anywhere around the globe.

EV Blocks

Recon Wall Systems

A Forte Company

Formulated in 2000, the mission of Recon Wall Systems is to be the modular block of choice for specifiers, contractors, and producers. With over 50 licensed producers and almost twenty-million square feet of block installed around the globe, it is an established yet growing player in the precast industry.

Light Pole Base

A Forte Company

Engineered and licensed by Forte, Light Pole Base is an all-in-one solution to many problems associated with traditional light pole base installations, addressing inventory lead times, inter-dependencies, and design and application complexities. Founded in 2017, Light Pole Base is quickly becoming the site lighting base of choice for specifiers, contractors, and producers.

Rethink Precast Marketing

A Forte Company

As the latest Forte initiative, this suite of websites feature the most searched precast concrete solutions, linking participating suppliers to active leads.

EV Blocks

EV Blocks

Licensed by FORTE

Forte has partnered with UK-based EV Blocks to bring universal EV charging base foundations to North America. This partnership comes at an opportune time given the more than 1.5 million charging stations likely needed by 2030, enabling EV Block to be the site charging base of choice for specifiers, contractors, producers, distributors and charger manufacturers.

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