EV Blocks

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What is EV Blocks?

EV Blocks is a precast concrete electric vehicle (EV) charging point foundation that features a universal top plate and side openings for conduit installation. This foundation provides a fast, reliable, and simple alternative to the standard EV charger installation. EV Blocks offers greater convenience than any other product on the market and saves contractors and owners time, money, and stress all while meeting the highest quality standards. The Standard EV Block is 22” x 22” and 24” tall (55cm x 55cm x 60cm tall). The size and mass of the Standard EV Blocks makes it ideal for nearly all Level 2 charger installations.

With the passing of many government funding bills, in various counties, the demand for EV chargers has been increasing year over year and EV Blocks is poised to become the gold-standard for EV charger foundations.


EV Blocks

Become a Producer

What does the relationship entail?

We will work hand-in-hand with you to help build a strong presence that will drive sales within your market. By providing comprehensive training, education, and promotion we play a strong support role in your success.

As a producer partner you will receive:


A protected manufacturing territory which spans an approximate 100 mile radius around your facility


Initial onboard training that covers production, engineering, sales and promotion


Ongoing training, marketing support, and lead generation to help your business grow

What is involved in producing EV Blocks?

EV Blocks are a relatively small size and volume of concrete, and thus utilizes a gang form to help maximize production efficiency. By using simple door operations, limiting the number of removable parts, and having a four-product output, you are able to cut down on the labor associated with each finished product.

Since EV Blocks is a universal product that can be manufactured in advance and held in inventory, you don’t have to start with a large fleet of forms to meet project demands. With a single four-unit gang form a producer can make over 800 units per year and add to the form fleet as the market grows.



No special equipment is required, beyond what a typical precast facility already has


The form comes with all of the parts needed to start producing today

How long does it take to make a profit and how much can I expect to make?

While there are many factors under your control that affect how quickly you turn a profit and determine how much you will make, a typical EV Blocks partner recoups their investment the first year – even in a small, rural  market. With revenues approaching $3,000 per cubic yard (2,300 per cubic meter) of concrete, EV Blocks will be quite possibly the easiest and most profitable product that a producer can make.

For Pro Forma financials, specific detail on form packages, and more:

In Their Words:

“[Forte’s] help with the sales pitch is key. Their support with this and the unique solutions that [Forte] offers is very important.”

Sean Frazee – President
FCS Construction Services, Recon Wall Systems Installer

“We appreciate [Forte’s] product knowledge and desire to share that information. Also the online training is a valuable tool for MPP and helping by not just marketing the product, but getting the product specified in various markets and job opportunities benefits us as well.”

Mike Brewer
Midstates Precast Products, Recon Wall Systems Producer

“After being in the structural reinforced concrete business for 30 years, I saw an opportunity to get into the precast business. After a tremendous amount of research, I felt [Forte] was a great fit for Northeast Concrete Products. I was confident it would be a successful partnership and a great opportunity.”

John Vitale
Northeast Concrete Products, Recon, LPB and EV Blocks Producer

“As a specifier and distributor, I can tell you how well received this product is by the contractors. This is a huge time saver in the field and also not having to know the exact bolt pattern is also very helpful on our end.“

Bob Nietfield
North Coast Electric, specifier of LPB product

“[Forte’s] wall block represents a major part of our assortment from a sales perspective. It is a versatile solution for all applications from commercial, to public, to residential projects. We enjoy working with the [Forte] team, as well. They always go out of their way to support us and answer questions whenever we need them.”

Marius Morken – Owner
Morken Betongvare | Norway, Recon Wall Systems European Producer

“We launched this new part of our business with [Forte], so we literally started from scratch. It’s been very satisfying to see immediate sales and continued momentum. The business grows steadily every year. Now it is the biggest part of our business, and we’ve never looked back. A solid investment.”

Karl Magne Vik – Owner
Skudestein As. | Norway, Recon Wall Systems European Producer

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