Recon Wall Systems

A Forte Company

Recon Wall Systems

A Forte Company

What is Recon Wall Systems (Recon)?

Recon Wall Systems was developed in 2000, and is a leader in the precast modular block retaining wall market. Over the past 20 years, Recon Wall Systems, along with its over 50 producer partners, has added value to over 20 million square feet of retaining wall projects around the world. With project applications ranging from commercial to residential to transportation, Recon leverages its three distinct wall systems to provide flexibility, durability, and aesthetics to every project all while achieving an installation efficiency that few systems can match.

Recon Wall Systems is a complete site solution for nearly any grade separation project – while minimizing excavation, maximizing usable real estate, all while creating customized solutions that reduce installation times. What makes Recon so attractive to engineers, specificers and installers?


Wet-cast, air-entrained concrete for enhanced durability


Five unique face textures that provide a more aesthetic appearance


A library of tools, resources and software to assist throughout the project


Backed by a team with in-depth knowledge and know-how

Become a Producer

What does the relationship entail?

By becoming a Recon producer partner, you enter into a proven and profitable business model with over 20 years of stability in the precast industry. Licensees not only gain access to our proprietary product, but also receive protected territories, training, ongoing education, and  marketing support. Our support drives down upstart time, enabling you to start production and sales. 

As a producer partner you will receive:


Access to our proprietary product, knowledge and know-how that encompasses over 20 years of installations, spanning the globe.


A Protected Manufacturing Territory which spans an approximate 100 mile radius around your facility, with no restrictions on shipping to other geographies.


Support and Training – including on-site in-person training and ongoing self-paced education, in addition to ongoing access to Recon’s team of experts.

What is involved in producing Recon Wall Systems?

Recon blocks are quite possibly one of the easiest products for precast concrete manufacturers to produce. Containing no internal reinforcing and utilizing standard mix designs, Recon blocks can easily be incorporated into an existing production process. Recon’s time-tested and durable forming system can be used to produce gravity wall blocks, fill wall blocks, freestanding blocks, columns, caps and more. The number of forms needed will be dependent on the market size, but the Recon system allows you to start small and add forms as the market develops.

Steps for Producing Recon:

  1. Clean and Prep the Form. It is important that forms are cleaned regularly to maintain form performance and ensure product quality.
  2. Close and Pour the Form. All Recon forms utilize simple and effective latch clamps to increase production efficiency. Once the form is closed, it is filled with either traditional or SCC concrete with a minimum compressive strength of 4,000 psi. The average concrete consumed is about 0.4 cubic yards (0.3 cubic meters) as well as a minimum of two lifting anchors.
  3. Open Form and Strip the Product. Once the block has cured (typically overnight, but quicker depending on mix design) the block is stripped from the form, via the embedded lifting anchor, using a fork truck or overhead crane.
  4. Inventory the Block. Blocks should be stacked and placed into inventory. We recommend having approximately 2-3 months worth of inventory on the ground.

How long does it take to make a profit and how much can I expect to make?

While there are many factors under your control that affect how quickly you turn a profit and determine how much you will make, a typical Recon partner can recoup their investment in less than two years. Most producers are able to achieve revenues in excess of $300 per cubic yard ($230 per cubic meter) of concrete.

Some key metrics regarding profitability:

  1. Labor – Recon blocks are very efficient to produce with most producers achieving less than 25 man minutes per block.
  2. Sales Force – Although a dedicated sales person will increase overall sales, Recon’s name recognition and continued efforts in marketing and lead generation will lead to early sales.
  3. Form Investment – Recon’s forms are cost effective and allow a producer to scale as their sales grow.

For Pro Forma financials, specific detail on form packages, and more, request a prospectus.


In Their Words:

“[Forte’s] wall block represents a major part of our assortment from a sales perspective. It is a versatile solution for all applications from commercial, to public, to residential projects. We enjoy working with the [Forte] team, as well. They always go out of their way to support us and answer questions whenever we need them.”

Marius Morken – Owner
Morken Betongvare | Norway, Recon Wall Systems European Producer

“This was only our fourth wall and the biggest to date for our company and it was an easy system to use and solved so many challenges.”

Sean Frazee
FCS Construction Services, Recon Wall Systems Installer

“[Forte’s] help with the sales pitch is key. Their support with this and the unique solutions that [Forte] offers is very important.”

Sean Frazee – President
FCS Construction Services, Recon Wall Systems Installer

“We appreciate [Forte’s] product knowledge and desire to share that information. Also the online training is a valuable tool for MPP and helping by not just marketing the product, but getting the product specified in various markets and job opportunities benefits us as well.”

Mike Brewer
Midstates Precast Products, Recon Wall Systems Producer

“After being in the structural reinforced concrete business for 30 years, I saw an opportunity to get into the precast business. After a tremendous amount of research, I felt [Forte] was a great fit for Northeast Concrete Products. I was confident it would be a successful partnership and a great opportunity.”

John Vitale
Northeast Concrete Products, Recon, LPB and EV Blocks Producer

“We launched this new part of our business with [Forte], so we literally started from scratch. It’s been very satisfying to see immediate sales and continued momentum. The business grows steadily every year. Now it is the biggest part of our business, and we’ve never looked back. A solid investment.”

Karl Magne Vik – Owner
Skudestein As. | Norway, Recon Wall Systems European Producer

Licensee Profiles

Reading Rock

Cincinnati, OH

CBS Beton

Wielsbeke / Belgium

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