Diversify your product line

Whether you own a steady, stable business or want to launch something new, if you are looking for a growth opportunity you have options to compare. Become a partner of Forte! New ventures offer varying levels of upstart costs and considerations with different payoff opportunities.

You DO want to


grow your business


put forth a tried and tested product that people need


offer a solution people have heard of and respect


have experienced support, tools, and training to help you – and your customers – succeed

You DON’T want to


invent a product


create a brand


cultivate a market on your own

If these questions resonate, take a look at our licensing options or reach out for more info.

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In Their Words:

“As a precast concrete supplier, one of the things that appealed to me about the Forte’s RPM approach is that the sites provide answers to questions that are already being searched for on the web. This is so much more powerful than other types of advertising that push information out to people who may not even be looking for it. And other than signing up, it doesn’t take any effort. It can’t get any more specific or simple than that. I think this will be a great way to focus my marketing efforts to get qualified local leads.”

Josh Schierbeek
Quality Precast Inc., Rethink Precast Marketing partner

“This was only our fourth wall and the biggest to date for our company and it was an easy system to use and solved so many challenges.”

Sean Frazee
FCS Construction Services, Recon Wall Systems Installer

“[Forte’s] help with the sales pitch is key. Their support with this and the unique solutions that [Forte] offers is very important.”

Sean Frazee – President
FCS Construction Services, Recon Wall Systems Installer

“We appreciate [Forte’s] product knowledge and desire to share that information. Also the online training is a valuable tool for MPP and helping by not just marketing the product, but getting the product specified in various markets and job opportunities benefits us as well.”

Mike Brewer
Midstates Precast Products, Recon Wall Systems Producer

“After being in the structural reinforced concrete business for 30 years, I saw an opportunity to get into the precast business. After a tremendous amount of research, I felt [Forte] was a great fit for Northeast Concrete Products. I was confident it would be a successful partnership and a great opportunity.”

John Vitale
Northeast Concrete Products, Recon, LPB and EV Blocks Producer

As far as support from [Forte], they are always on top of our needs. If we need essential parts for LPB or EV Blocks, they show up in less than two days’ time from when asked for. If someone sends an LPB or EV Blocks inquiry to [Forte’s] database, [Forte] sends it my way almost instantly. This allows me to provide the best customer service possible, resulting in a quality relationship between myself and the customer. Our mission is to help others, and that’s possible with the help from our friends at [Forte].”

Zainn Ison
Redi-Rock Structures, LPB and EV BLocks producer

“As a specifier and distributor, I can tell you how well received this product is by the contractors. This is a huge time saver in the field and also not having to know the exact bolt pattern is also very helpful on our end.“

Bob Nietfield
North Coast Electric, specifier of LPB product

“[Forte’s] wall block represents a major part of our assortment from a sales perspective. It is a versatile solution for all applications from commercial, to public, to residential projects. We enjoy working with the [Forte] team, as well. They always go out of their way to support us and answer questions whenever we need them.”

Marius Morken – Owner
Morken Betongvare | Norway, Recon Wall Systems European Producer

“We launched this new part of our business with [Forte], so we literally started from scratch. It’s been very satisfying to see immediate sales and continued momentum. The business grows steadily every year. Now it is the biggest part of our business, and we’ve never looked back. A solid investment.”

Karl Magne Vik – Owner
Skudestein As. | Norway, Recon Wall Systems European Producer

Licensee Profiles

Reading Rock

Cincinnati, OH

CBS Beton

Wielsbeke / Belgium

Other Partnership Opportunities

Forte offers more than just precast licensing opportunities. If you have an idea that involves precast, we have the engineering and execution expertise to help you succeed anywhere around the globe.

Become a Brand

Do you see problems that can be solved with a precast innovation that hasn’t been adequately engineered, yet? Forte engineers have the expertise to help you ideate and design a smart solution.

Hear what Jay Abbey has to say about working with us to design and develop Light Pole Base.

Design Testimonial

“When I had an idea to solve some of the biggest problems associated with traditional pour-in-place light pole bases with an innovative precast pole base, I partnered with the Recon team for implementation. They have the necessary understanding of precast, and worked with me to design forms for consistent, quality production. They also brought it to market, cultivating a network of qualified producers and supported the launch with appropriate marketing tactics that quickly hit the mark. It has been a good partnership.”

– Jay Abbey

Leverage our network

Do you have a precast product that you’d like to introduce to new geographies? Forte has a network of precast producers ready to be leveraged, and the expertise to cultivate a new network that is perfectly suited to launch your innovation.

Hear what Trevor Palmer has to say about partnering with Forte to bring EV Blocks across the pond from Europe to North America.

Network Testimonial

“The partnership with [Forte] makes our journey to help more EV installers very scalable. Expanding into North America with multiple production locations is a fantastic milestone and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the quick and vast embrace of our precast product.”

– Trevor Palmer

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