Forte FAQs

I have a precast product that I would like to bring to market, can Forte help with that?

Absolutely. If it involves precast, we have the expertise to help you ideate, design, manufacture, and market smart solutions. We can also help you bring it to market with a network of qualified precasters. Contact us for more information.

I really like one of the Forte products but I am not a precast concrete manufacturer, can I still become a licensee?

Yes! Having means of concrete production is not a requirement to become a licensee. Whether you choose to enter the precast business, or utilize sub-contract manufacturing,  licensed products from Forte are a great option when getting started. We have the tools and resources to eliminate the hurdles, bringing you right up to the starting line and our training and support afford a comfortable transition into the profitable business model.

How long does it take to make money as a precast licensee?

Your prospecting and production efforts affect the timing, but a typical Forte licensee makes a profit the first year.

What kind of support does Forte offer its producer partners?

Initial support involves onboard training that covers production, engineering, sales and promotion. Forte also offers ongoing training, marketing support, and lead generation to help your business grow.

I’m not looking to bring on any new products at this time, is there anything that Forte can do to help my existing business?

Yes! Forte’s marketing company, RPM, offers marketing services for all precasters, regardless of the products you produce. Services include Social media management, email marketing, prospecting, website, branding, digital marketing, press and event planning and other types of marketing support. We also host a suite of precast product websites, linking producers and contractors. See here for more info.

I currently make a licensed product that competes with one of the Forte products, can I still work with Forte and produce one of their other non-competing products?

Absolutely! At Forte we treat each of our products as a separate company entity and will respect the rest of your business. We value our partnerships and focus on the product at hand.

This sounds a lot like a franchising model, what’s the difference between licensing and franchising?

Franchising typically means that you are allowing another person to duplicate your business in another location, whereas licensing is allowing someone to make and sell a product that you have developed. 

I have never made a licensed product before and I am hesitant about having to pay royalties, are Forte’s licensed products really worth the royalties they charge?

Royalties are typical to licensed product models and we understand the hesitancy. We are continually reinvesting royalty dollars to grow our tools and resources and enhance our training. Additionally, our royalty structure is always linked to actual sales so therefore we are incentivized to work with you to grow your market.