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What is Light Pole Base (LPB)?

Light Pole Base is a unique product that offers all of the advantages of precast, AND because of the patented adjustable anchor bolt system and four universal conduit pathways, it can be manufactured in advance, held in inventory, and made available to an installer when they call. Pre-engineered, with guidelines for when it is appropriate to use, LPB can generally accommodate light poles up to 30 feet in height, making it an attractive product offering for electrical and site contractors. With three distinct appearance options, and a host of value added features, LPB is changing the way the industry looks at precast light pole bases.

Lightpole Base

Become a Producer

What does the relationship entail?

At LPB, we strive to establish long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our Licensees. We will work hand-in-hand with you to help you build a strong presence in your market. By providing comprehensive training, education and promotion we’ll make your success our number one goal!

As a producer partner you will receive:


A Protected Manufacturing Territory which spans an approximate 100 mile radius around your facility


Initial Onboard Training that covers production, engineering, sales and promotion


Ongoing training, marketing support, and lead generation to help your business grow

What is involved in producing LPB?

Our system has revolutionized and simplified the process of producing precast light pole bases. No more worrying about bolt patterns and conduit configurations – the setup process for LPB is the same every time! This allows you to save time and produce a more consistent product.


No special equipment is required, beyond what a typical precast facility already has


You will need to be able to achieve a pour height of 9-feet for the tallest forms

The table below shows the approximate weight and volume of concrete required for each LPB based upon the appearance option and product length.


LPB Classic: 0.67 cy / 2650 lbs

LPB Flare: 0.66 cy / 2575 lbs

LPB Legacy: 0.64 cy / 2500 lbs


LPB Classic: 0.94 cy / 3675 lbs

LPB Flare: 0.88 cy / 3450 lbs

LPB Legacy: 0.87 cy / 3400 lbs

What are the form options?

At LPB, we have created a unique and versatile segmental form system that can be tailored to fit your needs. Our quality built form sections allow you to create a custom solution that meets the product appearance and demand that is right for your market.


Mix and match LPB form sections with other steel column forms you already own for custom appearance


Get started with just one form to make up to 240 LPBs per year and add as your market grows


Double your production capacity with an insert mounting system that enables you to double-pour your form


Multiple package options are available and custom packages can be created to meet your needs

Production Made Simple

How long does it take to make a profit and how much can I expect to make?

Although various factors will impact how quickly you turn a profit and how much you earn, a typical LPB partner recoups their initial investment within the first year. Most licensees are able to achieve six-figure revenues within the first 12-months and expand from there.

For Pro Forma financials, specific detail on form packages, and more, request a prospectus.

In Their Words:

As far as support from [Forte], they are always on top of our needs. If we need essential parts for LPB or EV Blocks, they show up in less than two days’ time from when asked for. If someone sends an LPB or EV Blocks inquiry to [Forte’s] database, [Forte] sends it my way almost instantly. This allows me to provide the best customer service possible, resulting in a quality relationship between myself and the customer. Our mission is to help others, and that’s possible with the help from our friends at [Forte].”

Zainn Ison
Redi-Rock Structures, LPB and EV BLocks producer

“[Forte’s] help with the sales pitch is key. Their support with this and the unique solutions that [Forte] offers is very important.”

Sean Frazee – President
FCS Construction Services, Recon Wall Systems Installer

“We appreciate [Forte’s] product knowledge and desire to share that information. Also the online training is a valuable tool for MPP and helping by not just marketing the product, but getting the product specified in various markets and job opportunities benefits us as well.”

Mike Brewer
Midstates Precast Products, Recon Wall Systems Producer

“After being in the structural reinforced concrete business for 30 years, I saw an opportunity to get into the precast business. After a tremendous amount of research, I felt [Forte] was a great fit for Northeast Concrete Products. I was confident it would be a successful partnership and a great opportunity.”

John Vitale
Northeast Concrete Products, Recon, LPB and EV Blocks Producer

“As a specifier and distributor, I can tell you how well received this product is by the contractors. This is a huge time saver in the field and also not having to know the exact bolt pattern is also very helpful on our end.“

Bob Nietfield
North Coast Electric, specifier of LPB product

“[Forte’s] wall block represents a major part of our assortment from a sales perspective. It is a versatile solution for all applications from commercial, to public, to residential projects. We enjoy working with the [Forte] team, as well. They always go out of their way to support us and answer questions whenever we need them.”

Marius Morken – Owner
Morken Betongvare | Norway, Recon Wall Systems European Producer

“We launched this new part of our business with [Forte], so we literally started from scratch. It’s been very satisfying to see immediate sales and continued momentum. The business grows steadily every year. Now it is the biggest part of our business, and we’ve never looked back. A solid investment.”

Karl Magne Vik – Owner
Skudestein As. | Norway, Recon Wall Systems European Producer

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