Recon Wall Systems and Sister Subsidiaries harness growth and align under newly formed parent entity, The Precast Forte Group


Leadership of precast licensing innovator Recon Wall Systems today announces the unveiling of a parent entity, The Precast Forte Group. This new entity brings four sister companies together under one umbrella, affording clarity of purpose for each while leveraging shared domain expertise within the precast industry.

This expertise originated with retaining wall precast licensor, Recon Wall Systems. The company’s portfolio of solutions has since grown to include new proprietary designs, external licensing services, and marketing tools – each serving a distinct segment within the precast industry. The formation of this parent entity affords a clear path to serve these customer segments.

The four current companies under Forte include:

Recon Wall Systems: a recognized leader in the precast modular block retaining wall market, offering a range of wall solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality while achieving unmatched installation efficiency and quality standards.

Light Pole Base: offers patented features making it a universal solution for most site lighting applications with all of the advantages precast affords.

EV Blocks: a universal precast concrete electric vehicle charging point foundation that provides a fast, reliable, and simple alternative to standard complex EV charger installation.

Rethink Precast Marketing: an innovative platform bringing qualified leads to precasters through an attraction-based approach and SEO-optimized product sites.

“The future is bright for Forte,” says Michael Klotthor, President of The Precast Forte Group. “In addition to allowing each of our companies a clear path to serve their customers, Forte is perfectly poised to bring new innovative and value-based products to global markets. Forming this entity places us at the intersection of freedom and focus.” He adds, “This is an especially exciting time for people who have an idea for a precast solution and need an expert to help them cultivate the idea and bring it to market.”

About The Precast Forte Group

Forte is based in Coon Rapids, MN and stems from precast modular block licensor, Recon Wall Systems, Inc., founded in 2000. Forte’s mission is to be a leader of commerce and partnership in the precast concrete industry through licensing, inventing, promoting, and educating; to serve licensees and consumers with a complete range of precast solutions. Learn more at