Recon Launches New Suite of SEO-optimized Sites Aimed at Helping Customers Find the Best Localized Precast Suppliers


Update: As of Sept 2023, Recon is part of the Precast Forte Group

Minnesota-based precast concrete licensing company, Recon, announces a new arm of the business: Recon Product Marketing. These sites offer SEO-driven solutions that link precast suppliers to customers who are actively searching for companies near them. The first featured product categories include precast catch basins and precast manholes. Additional sites are currently in development.

These sites will serve customers as a one-stop-shop with installation tips and resources to help them make smart sourcing decisions.

Participating suppliers will benefit with qualified lead generation that attracts not only the customers that are located nearby, but also the larger national contractors who are looking for local suppliers for their project, although their headquarters is located elsewhere. Typical search engine ‘near me’ searches will often exclude these extensive project opportunities.

Mike Klotthor, President of Recon, states “As a licensor of precast solutions, we understand the nature of these pre-produced, large products and the importance of finding suppliers who are ultimately in close proximity to the project site. Google searches are optimized to populate resources near your IP address location, but that leaves national contractors with a big, black hole when they are engaging in projects across the nation. The other issue with traditional searches, of course, is that the results are not vetted for quality, expertise, or reputation. We see these sites as a symbiotic resource, linking the best suppliers with qualified buyers who are actively searching for the right solution for their needs.”

Visit the pages below to learn more about the growing list of dedicated websites:

Interested precast suppliers can learn more about how to get listed and start receiving leads here:

About Recon

Formed in 2000, Recon supports more than 60 licensed producers in its product lines of retaining wall block, light pole bases and EV charger foundations. Recon is proud to be a leader in the precast concrete product space and is excited to continue to support this important industry with innovative products and solutions. Learn more about their other products at